Musée de tradition

The Biscarrosse Tradition Museum

The Biscarrosse Tradition Museum is an essential place to discover the history and culture of our charming town in the Landes. Located in the heart of Biscarrosse, this museum offers a unique experience to visitors.

An immersion in the past

By visiting the Biscarrosse Tradition Museum, you will be immersed in the history of the region. You will be able to discover objects and testimonies which retrace the daily life of the inhabitants of Biscarrosse over the centuries. From traditional fishing tools to period costumes and model boats, you will get an overview of the cultural richness of the region.

A journey into local tradition

The museum also highlights local traditions, such as fishing, hunting and crafts. You will be able to admire unique collections of objects linked to these activities, which played an important role in the lives of the inhabitants of Biscarrosse. You will learn more about traditional fishing techniques, artisanal trades and the importance of nature in daily life in the region.

The Biscarrosse Tradition Museum is a place not to be missed during your visit to the Landes. It offers a unique opportunity to discover the history and culture of this charming city. Whether you are a history buff, lover of local traditions or simply curious, this museum will captivate you.